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Waimarie St Development


Fast-track approval for St Heliers residential development

An independent panel of the Environment Protection Authority has approved consent to subdivide land and construct a housing development on Waimarie Street and Riddell Road, Saint Heliers, Auckland.

Sanctum Projects Limited made the application under the COVID-19 Recovery (Fast-track Consenting) Act 2020.

The decision comes 123 working days after the application was lodged with the Environmental Protection Authority.

The Environmental Protection Authority is not involved in the decision-making. They provide advice and administrative support for the panel convener, Judge Laurie Newhook, and the expert consenting panels he appoints.

Please click on following link for the decision:


The following resource consent application has been lodged under The Covid-19 Recovery (Fast-Track Consenting) Act 2020: Sanctum Projects Limited (the “Applicant” or “SPL”) has authorised CIVIX to seek resource consent for the construction of 58 residential dwellings and subsequent subdivision (including ‘super-lotting’ interim stages) on the site at 43A and 45 Waimarie Street, and 819 Riddell Road (the “site”).

The site comprises 3 contiguous lots in the Auckland suburb of St Heliers, and has a total area of 7,301m2 . The site is in the Mixed Housing Suburban (“MHS”) zone of the Auckland Unitary Plan – Operative in Part (“AUP”).

The proposal is for a residential development, comprising of 58 dwellings and a range of housing typologies, including 2-3 storeys, with a mixture of internal garages and shared carparking spaces, in addition to a mixture of 2,3 and 4 bedroom configurations.

The proposed subdivision will be undertaken in 3 stages, comprising 4 super-lots. Stage 1 will involve establishing all accessways, carparks and three-waters infrastructure, in addition to a number of residential lots. A further breakdown of the proposed subdivision is provided in Section 4.2 below. The land use component of this application requires resource consent as a restricted discretionary activity, and the subdivision component requires consent as a discretionary activity.

Detailed application information can be found here EPA application.

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