St Heliers/Glendowie Residents Association Inc was formed over 25 years ago.

In 1989 the local Auckland Councils were amalgamated into Auckland City Council and at this time, Community Boards were created. From then, the Association has had a better link to the Council, giving the residents a greater role in decision making for our local area.
The Association is a voluntary organisation and relies on financial support from the Community to enable it to lodge submissions and follow up current affairs in our area.

With the creation of the Super City, the Local Boards cover a greater area and have a larger budget and more authority, than the previous Community Boards. Hence, it is more important than ever, that our Association has a role in representing the St Heliers and Glendowie residents and ensuring that our interests are represented, if we are going to maintain the special character of our beautiful area.

Purpose Statement:

We will assist the residents of St Heliers and Glendowie to protect and improve their living environment, including the St Heliers Village and other local facilities and amenities.

We do this by:



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