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Plan Change 78

Plan Change 78 Update

Plan Change 78 has been paused by Auckland Council for a period of two months, until the end of May 2024. This pause will not apply to the forthcoming hearing on 9 April 2024 of Topic 009H Qualifying Matters A-I Historic Heritage; nor to completing the City Centre Zone hearings, as to which the only outstanding matter is Council’s reply submissions (already received), and the expert conferencing on the Bonus Floor Area Ratio provisions.

Please refer to the Ministers Letter regarding Auckland Council’s extension request for PC78 decision

Auckland Council provided the Panel with a memo with the Minister’s response to their extension request attached.

In response the Hearing Panel have produced the attached Minute and Direction with their initial response and decision on how they plan to proceed with PC78 at this stage. The Panel will be issuing a further minute requesting some clarifications from Council on the matter next week.